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Mouse farm – the internet shop of mice and other rodents

Welcome to the internet shop Mouse farm where you find the wide range of diverse animals. We sell usual white and feeding mice, the gerbils or snakes and the other rodents.

In addition we are still trying to make our unique offer wider and better. For more information do not hesitate and contact us, we will be delighted to fulfill your individual requests.

Gerbils 100 pcs.

Gerbils 100 pcs.

182 €  

incl. VAT 15%

Laboratory basin T4 for breeding

Laboratory basin T4 for breeding

28 €  

incl. VAT 21%

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  1. You choose the category of the goods which you are interested in at the left column. By clicking on the name of the category the whole list of products will be displayed.
  2. You can view the details of every product or directly add the product to your shopping basket.
  3. Inside your basket, you can edit the goods you already inserted in or add and remove the new goods. There is also the total amount to be paid displayed.
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  5. When you confirm the order, we send you an email message with all the information about your order.

Advantages of registration at our internet shop:

  1. The registered customer does not have to fill in contact information every time he makes the new order.
  2. There is a brief view of all the finished orders in your administration.
  3. There is a possibility to repeat every finished order for registered customer, so if you order the goods regularly, that is the easiest way how to insert the goods to your basket!
  4. Registration to the internet shop

Registration to the internet shop